Top 10 MUST have Kitchen Equipment

Gone are the days when people used to have food just to fuel their bodies. Now a days availability of different recipes over the internet has made many of foodies around the world, passionate about cooking. Therefore, some of the catering equipment have become indispensable to complete the modern kitchen. Here is a list of Top 10 must have kitchen equipment.


Knives are most basic and good chef uses knives in many ways that comprises chopping, slicing, dicing and a number of other jobs. So we can say that it is one of the flexible


Most of the perishable food needs a cold temperature for storage to prevent them from spoiling and with this magical tool, not only our food remains fresh for a long time but also can save money and energy.fridges


Baking is the new trend. Ovens are must, as people these days are avoiding fried. To make pizzas, sandwiches and to have scrumptious  kebabs, just change the setting according to that & you will get world’s best homemade snacks.ovens


Cooking over flames? Pansare one of the core part of our contemporary kitchen comes in various styles, Among those, non-stick pans are more popular these days.pans

Mixing bowls

Cooking is incomplete without mixing, avoid mess by using mixing bowls and enhance the quality by combining food ingredients precisely.mixing-bowls

Measuring cups and spoons

Trying out new dishes?  A successful cooking demands proper measuring. These are important tools for accuracy besides available in various sizes, both teaspoon & tablespoon.measuring-cups-and-spoons


It solves different purposes. It blends, emulsify and incorporates air. Whisks can be made of metal, nylon plastic, wood or bamboo. Furthermore, it comes in various types that encompasses Sauce Whisks, Ball Whisks and many more that are very important for whipping and eliminating lumps in food.whisk


Food, under-cooked or overcooked is not liked so thermometer is a must. Itis dense, delicate, and easy to use. Infrared Thermometers are excellent for surface measurements.thermometer

Wooden Spoon

Stirring , one of the most common tasks is best done with a wooden spoon. If you like making decorative foodstuffs, like bite-sized appetizers, a wooden spoon can come in handy for shaping things. However, other options are also available.wooden-spoon


These are simple bowls with holes in them, which allows liquids to drain out, leaving solid food inside. Traditionally these kitchen sieves are made of a light metal, such as aluminium or thinly rolled stainless steel.strainers

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